The mental toolbox for a change agent

There are characteristic traits developed in people that effect change at the most difficult level. Always first, effort and practice, but also worth exploring mindset. One gained through a construction of reality that is quite simple, but yet earned through a complex assemble of challenges.

A portrait of the the Innovator
Unique and different, yet a connector, a people master. Blending, but truly not mixing with the crowd.

and three key elements within it…

The Dual mind, the puzzle solver –
Multiple hats owner. Sometimes with perspectives that for regulars contradict each other, but for one, are just another element of the whole. Happy with dual ways of seeing the same thing. Not fixed, fluid. Managing all the elements of its field, so well, that none of them becomes an anchor for all its workings. They are all just another tool, just another one that can be used for a solution. Not needing to be an island to demonstrate the rarity of its message. Being an island, rare, but that knows how to connect to the mainland and have an active trade with it.

The connector, a change master navigator in a social storm of ideas –
One will need not only to master their own difference or differential trait, but also, the social landscape of the whole. The status quo that dominates the current idea of their field, and which its being plotted to be turned upside-down. Though, never likely to be successful, if this characteristic is not cultivated in tandem with  a social navigation/intelligence one. Hand by hand, one need to be finding their difference. Perfecting the way to make that difference be heard and accepted among the billions ideas competing with it. Always keeping a connection to the whole and reflecting on how one belongs to it. Even in difference be part of the many.

The Unique, in a never ending quest to perfect its individuality –
For a start, recognizing your capacity to be different and dedicating serious time towards it. There has to be sufficient blending with others, and influence to a network. But in the end, one’s work need to be remarkably different. If mixing up, results in work that have too much of everybody, and not enough of the individual, no change will likely be effected. The looking of  the self, your work, your art, your credo, a summary of your beliefs, is quite necessary. The quest to perfect the trait that will make one more unique and individual, is like earning a change capacity. Choosing to do more than to let others do it for you. To pick yourself (Seth’s one), rather than following an agenda for others to pick you. Getting out of the anonymity of the crowd to remark your individuality and contribution.

To me, remembering these traits is helpful when planning my humble quests for change or innovation. Usually, count the elements I need in the toolbox: Multiple perspectives on the subject (tick). Know how to blend socially among the field to be changed (tick). Being different enough to even consider starting the whole thing (tick)… Odds are on my side!

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