Our jobs challenged by the machine, and why the answer is not fear

After hearing “what happens after the droids take our jobs” by Andrew McAfee in TED 2013 (Thanks to my TED live subscription). An idea-virus infected my mind.

So, decided to write a bit about it, provoke some thought, and maybe come up with my own version of the solution.

In history, many times after technology have brought down a civilisation, it is born again, or retaken, or just rediscovered. Then with a better society and mechanism for distribution of wealth, the same tech is able to be absorbed properly, and synchronised, then its widespread use doesn’t provoke chaos anymore.

Is it the same this time? I mean our civilisation will go down and from the debris something better will be born? Or, are we already executing the transformation and syncing this new machine era, so well, that there is little chance for chaos ahead?

I am positive. I’ll say our purpose in nature is to disrupt things…yes, not to be part of the system only, to shake and change our earth and beyond. So, sometimes we’ll make changes that happen at a pace that our societal evolution just can’t keep up, and if we don’t balance the change it might threat our own survival. After all, we are still just living creatures of nature.

But this one feels different, much faster, other technological changes had many generations and centuries to be worked out in society, this one will not have that luxury.

Is a beautiful problem that more questions than answers come easily. For example, will we need money in the future as a mechanism of exchange, when that money is being produced by machines that will not need it like the factory worker/ consumer of the past? Where is the capital market theory in this machine driven economy? Maybe between the ones managing the machines, but this time is not the consumer deciding who wins, as that consumer is not being fed money for production directly.

An interesting angle, is that a lot of people is suddenly free to dedicate to just more than consume, and for the ones not interested to be machine drivers. A whole world of opportunity opens, where the same machine, can work wonders in suddenly making attainable problems that were almost impossible in the past. Maybe the system of exchange machine-human is one about individuality and uniqueness of every member of our race, something the machine will find very difficult to replicate…more on this in future posts…

It gets sci-fi like very easily, but is coming much faster than what we think. Like to believe we are many thinking on the same issue!

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