A little bit about this project :)

Wow, finally beginning my own say! This is a birthing experience, and baby first cry tells something very important about its future…

Intersections and cross roads like the one giving name to this project, is a bit of what I intend to write about. A little bit of tech and a little bit of humanities and the mash up between the two.

If the subjects of this project were a word mash it will surely show computer science, entrepreneurship, psychology, sociology, art, politics, mobile, cloud, distributed computing, and the singularity…what a lot

Definitely need to tell some story about the project name (machine2culture.com). What do I mean a about culture? Is it about curating art? And machines? An electric engine? Neither of the two, thank God! …For Culture I refer to the impact of technology adoption in society in general, as well as group behaviour in enterprises and/or any other form of human organization. For machines I refer mostly to computer generated technology and its related application in machinery, information systems, and other applications.

Some of the recurrent issues will centred on impact of technology in human evolution and organisation, standardization of culture and limits to diversity, and in general the challenge of a rapidly changing society  like never before in history… I think this will certainly provide a lot of ground to keep me entertained for a little while.

The project has me as the father and I’d like to show a glimpse of my more personal side in things that will be related to my main subject. I’m an avid book reader, and many times I will be posting on recommendations and sometimes just provocations coming from my reading. I’m also a father and the broken education subject is close to my heart, although I try to limit it to the angles related to the most concerning questions about preparing the next generation.

So, let’s begin this journey and welcome to my world…

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