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March 2013

Cygne,Confort et chaleur

The law of buying innovation

A few definitions first. Inside led, is the innovation that is primarily driven from the inside. The kernel sits inside the organisation. The teams that kicks it alive is an internal one. The resources and the way they are allocated mostly internal as well. The vision is limited to addressing …

the difference engine

The mainstream and the fringe. “We are one, but we are not the same”

These two sound like conflicting, but is really a symbiotic relationship. What it looks like dissenting views and philosophies, it’s actually the oldest and most primal mechanism of survival for a whole entity. Two opposites extremes working together, although they don’t feel they are. Not opposites but members of the same thing, a One.

Dante Cyborg

Our jobs challenged by the machine, and why the answer is not fear

After hearing “what happens after the droids take our jobs” by Andrew McAfee in TED 2013 (Thanks to my TED live subscription). An idea-virus infected my mind.

So, decided to write a bit about it, provoke some thought, and maybe come up with my own version of the solution.

Innovation in Corporate America

Can you outsource innovation? Have you thought about an MSP?

This article focused on innovation outsourcing using MSP’s (Manage Service Providers, or Marketing Service Providers), later I’ll try to expand it to other less direct forms of innovation outsourcing, like incubators, accelerators, contract research houses and others…

E Pluribus

Innovation, healthcare industry and a problem

This started as a pricing question that a friend needed an answer for…

How do you keep the enormous financial muscle moving healthcare innovation, when institutions and individuals are seeing less real growth in care? And when many are already awakening to how much they are really paying for these new pills through their taxes, embedded in healthcare governments budgets around the world…

A little bit about this project :)

Wow, finally beginning my own say! This is a birthing experience, and baby first cry tells something very important about its future… …